No longer see routes buried under a sea of waypoints when planning on Android, iOS and at

So you can better see where your route goes, we’ve implemented a small design change which prevents your route from being drowned under a sea of waypoint markers when planning on Android, iOS and at With this new design, waypoints markers take up less space on the map, allowing you to better see the route underneath them. But don’t worry; they’re still instantly noticeable when you want to find them again: Just zoom in on your route to see them pop up on the map. 

Planning longer Tours just got much faster

Planning a long hike or an extended bikepacking trip? Well, we’ve got good news: We’ve increased the reaction time of the planner by a factor of 15, meaning on-screen loading times are drastically reduced when adding multiple waypoints/editing longer Tours. To try it out, head to the route planner at or in our Android and iOS app now — and plan your next big adventure faster than ever before.

Do you use a Garmin for navigation? Then this one’s for you.

We’ve made a host of improvements to the komoot for Garmin app to improve your experience of the app on bike computers, watches and handhelds:

  • Got a big adventure planned? We’ve made it possible to download and navigate longer Tours. Whereas previously you may have been asked to divide these into multiple stages, we now optimize your route based on the capability of your device, so every type of Tour can be downloaded to your Garmin.
  • Additionally, we’ve also made it easier for you to understand what to do when things go wrong: Now, instead of short (and, frankly, unhelpful) error messages, we’ve added links to in-depth support articles that’ll open on your phone, so you can understand precisely what you need to do to get your Garmin back on track.
  • To enhance the experience on low-memory devices, such as the Fenix 5, we’ve also polished some code to prevent crashes when browsing Collections and Highlights on your device.
  • Finally, we’ve squashed numerous bugs to give you an all-around smoother and crash-free experience when using the komoot for Garmin app.

New routing tips give you all the info you need before you go

So you are optimally informed before you head out, we’ve increased the visibility of the routing tips we show as part of planned Tours on komoot. We’ve also added these to Highlights where relevant. Now visible at the top of the Tour/Highlights details screen in the apps and at, these tips let you more easily understand what lies on your route so you can better consider any changes before you go. Additionally, we now show you the length of any restrictions/considerations, as well as the exact location(s) of these places on the map. The tips include things like ferry crossings and movable bridges, as well as hints on parts of your route that may have restricted access.

Introducing our brand-new Apple Watch app

In order to make your outdoor experiences simpler on Apple Watch, we’ve completely overhauled the komoot Apple Watch app. Download it now to enjoy an even more seamless Tour recording and navigation experience, as well as to make the most out of your Apple Watch’s built-in features, such as heart rate monitoring, calorie burn and Health syncing. 

Visit for more information.

Introducing a more intuitive way to find Tours, Highlights and Collections

To make it easier for you to find the content you want, we’ve overhauled how you search for and find Tours, Highlights and Collections on komoot. The next time you open the app on your mobile, you’ll now see a big green button; “Find  your next adventure,” which makes it easier and more intuitive to discover inspirational adventure content specific to your sport and region of interest.

Better notifications now deliver you more relevant content

We’ve updated the logic that defines which notifications we send and when we send them. Now, you’ll be notified only when there is content we’re confident you want to see (i.e. when close friends complete Tours/people you frequently interact with). This means you’ll no longer receive an influx of notifications when following multiple people and will instead only be notified of the most important/interesting stuff to you. To reduce how often we notify you further, we have also rolled out an update that bundles ‘like’ notifications. Now, you’ll be notified of new likes in batches: We’ll tell you who liked it first and how many others also hit the like button (instead of sending you a notification for each individual like).

If you previously disabled social notifications, reactivate them now to make the most out of this latest update. 

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