Refined komoot maps make your adventures better

We've updated the design of our maps to make areas/trails of significance (such as national parks, nature reserves and cycle routes) stand out more. With sharper colors and new color-coding, these places are easier to find — so you can make a beeline for them when planning your Tours.  Here are some changes you’ll notice:

  • See national parks at a glance thanks to sharper colors that make them stand out
  • Avoid private, forbidden, or closed roads and paths which are now marked with warning signs
  • Cycling paths are easier to spot – even when you’re zoomed out
  • Plan routes on smaller roads more easily with new road color-coding
  • Easy-to-spot railway lines make it simple to broaden your adventure horizons by identifying places with train stations
  • For adventures further afield, place names are now displayed in multiple languages.

Visit the help guide to find out more.