You’ll now get routed along fewer hard-to-ride bridleways when planning rides

In many countries, bridleways can be tricky to ride. Deep sand, frequent horse traffic and unclear regulations mean they’re best avoided, whether you ride a mountain, gravel, road or touring bike. That’s why we’ve updated our routing algorithm to route you around bridleways without substantially increasing the length of your ride. 

*These changes don’t apply to the UK. We respect the specific designations per country and take into account the ride-ability of specific types of roads, streets and paths. In the UK, bridleway designations are usually suitable for mountain biking or gravel rides, so we’ll continue to route you along them as long as they remain ride-able. 

Get routed along quieter, safer roads thanks to the latest routing improvement (UK and Italy)

In both the UK and Italy, any bike rides you plan will now favor quieter, safer roads. Previously, your route may have taken you along A-roads or dual carriageways. These segments may have been unsettling for many riders due to the speed and volume of traffic. To fix this, we’ve improved our routing in the UK and Italy to favor B-roads and quieter streets with slower moving traffic. 

Introducing the Polar Grit X/komoot integration

Own a Polar Grit X? With our latest integration, you can now navigate and record planned Tours directly on your wrist. A simple sync process, it only takes a couple of taps to get set up. Once done, you’ll be able to see your planned komoot Tours on your Polar Grit X — and get navigated at the tap of a button. Find out more at

Introducing the brand-new Galaxy Watch app

Have a Galaxy Smart Watch? Get the brand-new komoot app from the Samsung Store. Adjusted for a smaller screen, you can now enjoy all of komoot’s navigation and Tour-tracking features directly from your wrist. For maximum flexibility, the komoot app on your watch also functions fully independently, meaning you can leave your phone at home when you head out on your next run, hike or ride. For more information, go to

The multi-day planner is now available on iOS

The multi-day planner is now available on iOS. Previously only available on Android and web, you can now plan, save and navigate multi-day bikepacking trips or hikes all in just a few taps — including adding accommodation stops along the way. Available for Premium subscribers, head to the ‘Premium’ tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to start planning your next extended adventure.

Export GPX Files from the Android App

With the release of 10.8, it’s now possible to export your planned Tours as GPX files — all in one tap. Just go to the Tour you want to export and open the menu in the top right-hand corner to get started. Once downloaded, you can import your route into your GPS device, or share it with your friends.